• ALIEN RESURRECTION Never forget.

The last time I went to a ShanRock Triviology event it was a Star Wars-themed one, and the Nerd Dream Team team of myself, Bobby Roberts, and Ben Coleman decimated the "competition." I probably should not be as proud of this as I am, but as it is basically my only accomplishment in life I tell everyone about it given the slightest opportunity. That's what's happening right now, for example. High five!

ANYWAY sort of related is the fact that another of ShanRock's nerd-centric trivia nights is happening this Sunday, and it's another one I would handily win... if I didn't have a standing engagement with friends to watch Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. (High five! No? Okay. That's understandable.) But since I can't make it, that means you might actually have a chance to win! From the press release:

We're not all gonna fucking die, but it's still dangerous out there! Put together a crew who will deliver short, controlled, bursts of knowledge of the Alien franchise. Questions will focus on the first two films, but will also include queries about the third and fourth installments, as well as about Prometheus. No Alien vs. Predator, for god's sake.

Hahaha, Prometheus. Good one! It all goes down this Sunday, July 22 at 6 pm at EastBurn (1800 E Burnside), and it's free to play and teams are limited to five people. Here's a free tip I'll give you: To get "in their heads," shout all of Vasquez's lines as loud as you can, over and over, at all of the opposing teams. If anyone asks you to stop, just shake your head at them and smirk and be like, "You always were an asshole, Gorman."

Another free tip I will give you is to not name your team the Gormans.