Marijuana reform petitioners are suing the state after the election's office threw out a whopping 46 percent of the signatures for pro-legalization Measure 24. The pot advocates say the state was too nit-picky, tossing sheets of valid signatures for small errors. In addition to suing, they're going through and contacting voters whose signatures were invalidated and asking them to sign a statement saying they want their signature valid.

Well, turns out that at least some of those signatures are definitely not valid. The
Oregonian reports that one of their reporters who did not sign the petition received a letter in the mail asking her to affirm that she had. Calls to nine other people revealed that two of them had been falsely listed as approving the marijuana measure, including one guy who, albeit, does sound like he's probably growing his own: "Craig Wilcox was one of them. 'I live way out in the mountains and grow timber,' he said. 'The only time I go into town is to get milk or bread.'"