The booby-trapped apartment of the man accused of killing a dozen people and wounding 58 more at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises still confronts cops and federal agents. When agents looked into his window, they found "an apartment littered with jars full of an unknown liquid, other jars full of ammunition and yet more filled with what he said looked like mortar rounds. A series of wires ran between the jars, evidently rigged to blow up should they be disturbed."

We've begun learning the names and stories and seeing the last social-media footprints of the gunman's victims: A man celebrating his birthday, a couple who got engaged after the massacre, tales of fear and survival, and so many more.

News of the attack first surfaced on Reddit, with dispatches appearing just moments after the first shots were fired and continuing into the night, including details from police scanner traffic.

James Holmes, the 24-year-old man accused in the shooting, had been a candidate for a Ph.D. in neuroscience, but recently had struggled and was about to withdraw—before allegedly planning for the movie-house massacre. He had a profile on Adult Friend Finder. He dyed his hair red. He was obsessed with guitar-simulation video games. He apparently bought all four of his guns legally over the past two months.

Oh, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop the next massacre from happening. Except maybe let everyone ever carry a gun of their own, too? Riiight?

Syria's violent civil war—and the fighting in its capital city, Damascus—have sent something like 120,000 Syrians fleeing for the country's borders in a bid to escape the misery.

Defections in North Korea, however, have plunged dramatically under the reign of its chubby new boy king. It's because he loves his people so much he can't bear to let them go.

"Foreign agents" working for nongovernmental organizations and other foreign-funded groups in Russia now have to register with authorities.

George W. Bush was not invited to the Republican Party's presidential nominating convention. Again. He's enjoying his time away from the political stage. Which is convenient. Because no one wants him there.

Colostomy bags can be sexy.

Hey, guess what? People are using smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and public computers to look at dirty pictures and movies in parks, airplanes, libraries, cars, and other places where not everyone who sees the stuff actually wants to see it. WHINERS.

"Motivational" speaker Tony Robbins told his audience to walk over hot coals. The gullible shits did. And 21 audience members had to be treated for second- and third-degree burns.

Florida deputies
knocking on the wrong apartment door, without identifying themselves, shot and killed a pizza delivery driver who grabbed his gun before seeing who the hell was making all that racket in the middle of the night.