Heart breaking stories from the Colorado shooting continue to come in.

President Obama will be in the state later today to comfort victims’ families.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has canceled two more premieres of "The Dark Knight Rises", out of respect for victims and their families.

And, Norway is marking the one-year anniversary of its own mass murder, which killed 77 people.

Joe Paterno statue leaves campus. This morning, Penn State’s president announced the university had removed the statue of former coach Joe Paterno, because it was insensitive to the victims of pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

Also on the outs: diplomacy in Syria. The Obama administration has given up on diplomatic actions as a means to oust President Bashar al-Assad. Now, it’s all about arming the opposition.

Speaking of arming…

China is establishing a garrison in the South China Sea. This isn't going over well with the Philippines and Vietnam, which see China's move as an act of aggression. And did I mention there's oil under those waters?

And speaking of water…

Portlanders, your tap water is once again safe to drink, just run the faucet a little.

In Spain, the jobless continue to march on Madrid to protest austerity measures.

Greece is in a "Great Depression," according to its prime minister. Oh course, others are doing just fine.

Following news of Mitt Romney’s offshore assets, it turns out he’s not alone, and not by a long shot.

Estimates now suggest the rich are hiding at least $21 trillion—yup, trillion—in offshore tax havens, and that's probably being conservative. The actual amount could be as high as $32 trillion, or roughly twice the size of the US national debt.

Here’s a video on one haven. That's right, it's the beautiful, secretive Cayman Islands.