Over the past few days, the Onion has—as usual—been far more insightful and accurate than the vast majority of actual news organizations.

"Some Fucking Guy At Warner Bros. Wondering What Shooting Of 12 Means For Ticket Sales"

"God, I hope this doesn't ruin our shot at the opening weekend box office record," said the unimaginable asshole, noting that the cold-blooded murder of a dozen innocent people could deter moviegoers from seeing the film with friends throughout the weekend.

"NRA: 'Please Try To Remember All The Wonderful Things Guns Do For Us Every Day'"

"While the events of last night are truly tragic, I sincerely hope that no one at any point forgets how truly terrific guns are, and how they enrich all of our lives on a regular basis," said NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, adding that the nation's citizens must open up their hearts in this time of mourning and realize how simply unlivable a life without gun ownership would be.

"Sadly, Nation Knows Exactly How Colorado Shooting's Aftermath Will Play Out"

"Unfortunately, I've been through this a lot, and I pretty much have it down to a science when President Obama will visit Colorado, when he will meet with the families of those who lost loved ones, and when he will give his big speech that people will call 'unifying' and 'very presidential,'" Jacksonville resident Amy Brennen, 32, said, speaking for every other person in the country. "Nothing really surprises me when it comes to this kind of thing anymore. And that makes me feel terrible."

"Oh, and here's another thing I hate I know," Brennen continued, "In exactly two weeks this will all be over and it will be like it never happened."