Slate has a fun piece up in which Maria Bamford talks about what it was like to be on an episode of Louie:

There are no trailers! Everybody just hangs out together. It’s such a small crew that there really is no “sitting around” time. And no makeup or hair! I cannot emphasize enough what a relief that was. Hair and makeup and costuming and the opinions of those who ply those trades—“Oh, I guess you’re much bigger than a 6,” or “Do you mind if I pluck your chin?”—are among my least favorite parts of showbiz. Which I realize is a problem along the lines of “the champagne drips too fast into my mouth,” but still, nice to skip.

Blogtown, if you ever listen to one single thing that I say, let it be this: Go see Maria Bamford when she comes to Helium in August. I don't care that it's on a school night. She'll be in town in a few weeks filming a Comedy Central special; she's one of the best standups working today. You won't be mad you went. Tickets here.