MAN OF STEEL Oh, sorry. I was looking for the bathroom.
  • MAN OF STEEL "Oh, sorry. I was looking for the bathroom."

The trailer for Man of Steel hit theaters last weekend in front of The Dark Knight Rises, and... huh. It looks like Warner Bros. was like, "Hey, Zack Snyder! Remember Batman Begins? Do that! With Superman! Also, listen to whatever Christopher Nolan tells you." And then Christopher Nolan was like, "So, Zack. Let's pretend Sucker Punch never happened, shall we? Right. Now, did I ever tell you how much I like Terrence Malick? Because I really, really do." And so Zack Snyder rented Batman Begins and tried to stay awake through Tree of Life and then ta-DA! Man of Steel!

Personally I think this is a whole lot of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ—even considering that it has Kevin "I'M BACK, MOTHERFUCKERS!" Costner reading some dialogue lifted from All-Star Superman, one of my favorite superhero comics, while emo music from Lord of the Rings plays—but I'll acknowledge maybe some people out there are alll "Whooo! Superman returns! No, not Superman Returns, that was really boring. I just meant Superman's back!" So: TO THE URGENT POLL!