Finally there's a video for the new Carly Rae Jepsen (and that other guy named Owl City who should dress up like Hitler for Halloween if he hasn't already) song, "Good Time." I would like to say I love this video—but I can't... because if you're going to name a song "Good Time" it seems counterintuitive for the video to depict people that are having "a barely okay time." WHY DON'T THESE PEOPLE EVER LET ME DIRECT THEIR VIDEOS?? I would've totally put Carly and that Hitler-looking guy in absolutely TERRIBLE situations—trying to escape across a Serbian battlefield, running from an earthquake, being pursued by a masked, axe-wielding serial murderer, eating rotten yogurt... because even when things are at their worst, when these two are together, "it's always a good time." GET IT?? IT'S CALLED "IRONY." Sheesh. Wake up, video directors!! Regardless, I love this song anyway. (Though Carly should sing first, and then Owl Hitler. Wake up, hit song producers!!)