Syria Wants to Use Chemical Weapons: "The world is watching" Syria as the government threatens to use chemical weapons on foreign troops if anyone steps in to stop the violence between the government and rebels.

Sally Riiiiide! The awesome first American woman in space has died. Her life is really interesting and it also turns out she was gay (and has a sister named Bear. Bear Ride?).

Journalists Charged for Phone Hacking: Two ex-editors in Rupert Murdoch's empire are now facing criminal charges for hacking.

Same-Sex Marriage Cash Cow: Gay weddings in New York are a whole giant industry.

Shutting Down Football: Why the NCAA's harsh punishment for Penn State will actually matter.

More and More Terrifying: The Colorado Dark Knight shooter had rigged his house with 30 grenades apparently planned to explode if police opened the door.

Kids These Days... are using condoms! Yay! At least teens are using condoms at a higher rate than 20 years ago, but 40 percent of HIV infections still occur in people under 30.

Peet's Sold! The Northwest coffee chain has been sold to a big German investment firm.

Obama's Coming to Town! The president is holding two fundraisers in town today. Yay! So exciting! Oh. Wait: