Smoker vs. passive aggressive 13-year-old... WHO YA GOT?!?

I was sitting on a bench off the major pathway enjoying a cigarette and your little girl, maybe about 12-13, passed me and gave me a long glare for about 5 minutes.

I did a mock glare back that made her turn bright red and hide in her hands. I was talking about how she was a little young to be so judgmental and maybe she shouldn't walk around glaring at people when you passed just behind her. She was shrinking away from us, clearly not expecting someone to talk back. And did you talk to us about her? No. Not even to defend her and say "well she doesn't like the smell of cigarette smoke." You totally ignored her embarrassment and us.

What the hell did you do? How is it you got a 12 year old to be like that?

I remember the last time I got into an altercation with a 13-year-old... I believe it was when I was THIRTEEN. Anyway, this is a perfect opportunity for you to jump in the comments with your own passive-aggressive thoughts on smoking. AND! If you've had an altercation lately with anyone in any age group, why not recount the experience on the I, Anonymous Blog? Usually people have opinions. (Heh, heh, hehhhhhh.)