Housing justice activist Cameron Whitten spent the morning making conversation with all sorts of people who turned up at city hall to discuss the just-announced end of his 55-day hunger strike. But Whitten had a friend to keep him company throughout: A giant fuzzy cat he's named Hungry.

Cameron and Cat
  • Cameron and Cat

"A homeless girl kind of dumped her on me," says Whitten.

The cat has been living at city hall with Whitten and the other protesters for about a month, since day 20 of the hunger strike. The adorable creature loves rolling around in the organic kale beds that surround city hall's Liberty Bell replica.


More shamelessly cute photos below the cut.

While he's been abstaining from everything but water, vitamins, and protein powder, Whitten and friends have been feeding Hungry dry cat food regularly. What will happen to the cat after the strike ends tomorrow? "I think I'll take her with me. She's really grown pretty attached, she tries to follow me to the bathroom," says Whitten.