I may do all the writing about fashion, but Film Editor Erik Henriksen apparently spends at least as much time window shopping for accessories as I do, given that he ichats me on a weekly basis to inform me of all the latest developments in comic book-themed sneakers and, like, Lord of the Rings miniskirts and shit. It's quite the window into his mind. Anyway occasionally these things aren't horrible. Sometimes they are even charming, like this (vegan!) Chewbacca messenger bag, which comes with the warning to "never under any circumstances refer to his messenger bag as a man purse. It's not his fault that all man-made bags are so puny. Also, you're likely to lose a limb. The Chewbacca Messenger Bag is our homage to the most manly man purse in the galaxy." Haha. "Manly." Anyhow:

  • Think Geek

Only $74.99! And it "fits a netbook, tablet, and ammunition." I've got [rummages through wallet] $6 on it!