Update: A lot of people in Portland are still annoyed/peeved at the thought of The Real World filming here. It apparently offends their delicate sensibilities, which is fine, if any of these people had also shit their britches over a fucking Twilight movie being shot here. But they didn't, and so the self-righteous spew seems a little disingenuous. Plus at least 2/3rds of the spewers have tried to be extras on Grimm or Portlandia so lets stop acting like this city is too quality for something as lowbrow as The Real World to lumber into town heaving cameras and lighting rigs on their backs. We're just not that precious. Our major cultural export is a donut with bacon glued to the top of it.

But if your indignation is pure, your fury is unsullied, and you want to know where to play your pranks and obstruct those cameras, Portlandian Gossip Gadfly Byron Beck, the unofficial Secretary of Information for the Bunim-Murray wing of City Government has revealed where the the 28th season of The Real World will be shooting

It will be located on NW 9th, between Everett and Flanders, above Believe Antique & Art. Beck's site has more photos of the joint, which already has a hot-tub installed on the roof, because Real World, that's why.

Still no word on what they'll be doing here while fame-whoring for the world, and so I present to you this poll: