Fiona Apple in the video for Every Single Night
  • Fiona Apple in the video for "Every Single Night"

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore as you learn the long suspected truth: Researchers have officially proven that pop music is too loud and all sounds the same. Well, I guess that means we're done here forever, folks. Next week, the Mercury's music section will be replaced by a word jumble and reruns of Cathy.

A little while ago, singer/songwriter Anya Marina casually tweeted this:


So we asked Anya to elaborate. Boy, did she deliver.

Fiona Apple - "Every Single Night"

If this whole music thing hadn't worked out, La Sera's Katy Goodman would have been a physics teacher. Luckily for us—and unluckily for hordes of New Jersey high school kids who're now deprived of the coolest physics teacher ever—rock 'n' roll always wins. Take that, science!

La Sera - "Please Be My Third Eye"

Hustle and Drone are the wet paint of the Portland music scene. By that I mean they're brand new. And their music is waaay more fun than watching paint dry.

Hustle and Drone - "Index"

Plus a thick, tangled rat's nest of Up and Coming shows.