I just moved out of inner SE Clinton, and while I loved living there, I found it helpful to describe the neighborhood to impending out-of-town visitors as "the origin of every stereotype you've heard about Portland, good and bad." I'll always have a soft spot for it, and since I know I'll be getting down there less, something like tomorrow's Division/Clinton Street Fair represents a certain efficiency of experience. The daylong affair (10 am-10 pm, centered mostly around the late 20s but essentially making everything between 20th and 50th pop) is everything you love (and maybe hate) about the 'hood cranked up to 11, allowing you to gorge yourself on the atmosphere to the point of exhaustion, thus sating you until your next as-of-yet-unspecified visit.

It features a giant parade with the mayor, music, floats, and children (so many children), your typical street-fair lineup of bands you've never heard of, a Lego Exhibit (cool), a bike helmet sale (every stereotype), produce, sidewalk sales, art, BBQ and other foodie experiences from the increasingly killer selection of neighborhood restaurants, and millions upon billions of really, really cute dogs. (I miss that.)

Bike, beard, bike.
  • Division/Clinton Business Association
  • Bike, beard, bike.