Something must be done about the crazy people. For example, this person was walking home and about to enter a crosswalk when...

You stopped, so I walked in front of you. And you sounded your fucking car horn loud and repeatedly to let me know how pissed off you were that I inconvenienced you for—oh my god, it must have been a whole seven seconds—followed by you flipping me the bird and yelling inside your car. Damn straight I flipped you off in return. So you rolled down your window to let me know how fucking crazy you were. I ignored you and walked off, because I have better things to do than to argue with some asshole about what was my legal right-of-way. But no, that wasn't enough for you.

That's right, crazy person got even more crazier. WHY SO CRAZY, CRAZY PERSON? I really just don't understand this world. Luckily there's the I, Anonymous Blog which is there to remind us that we're not the crazy ones... THEY ARE!