Let’s start with Portland.

More on last night’s officer involved shooting here.

What Plan to Attack Iran? Israel officials are denying rumors an Obama aide shared with them the administration's plans to attack Iran.

As Apple Goes, So Goes the World’s Economy. The crappy economy must be real, even the tech giant Apple is feeling the hurt.

The reason for Apple's losses have a lot to do with Europe's economic crisis, which is heading for another critical "crunch moment" coming this September.

The number is 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit. According to a new study, that's how much the Earth’s average temperature has jumped in the last 250 years. While 2.5 degrees might not seem like much, the subtext here is: "WE’RE SCREWED!"

Speaking of HOT STUFF!!! The Indian government is turning the world's spiciest pepper into a weapon. While that’s not exactly Fritz Haber-terrifying, you got to give them props for trying.

Proxy War in Somalia. The US is propping up soldiers in the African nation to fight a proxy war against an al-Qaeda ally.

Incorporeal Corporate Sponsors. If you’ve been wondering about those empty front row seats at the Olympics, you’re not alone. The London Olympic Committee has discovered that some corporate sponsors aren't showing up to fill them.

Did you see Director Danny Boyle’s tripped-out homage to everything British, including their system of socialized medicine? If not here’s a recap. Best line in this article: "imagine putting on a tribute to U.S. healthcare!"

Speaking of which, the US is low on doctors, especially general practitioners.

The Brits did rub our noses in their superiority, BUT WE SHOWED THEM! Absent from the US broadcast was a tribute to the 2005 London bombings that killed 52 people. US audiences saw Ryan Seacrest instead. Take that, England!

And if you missed the opening ceremony, I remember it looking something like this.