Colorado Shooter in Court: James Holmes will likely be charged today in the death of 12 people—there's a legal battle over whether the government illegally seized as evidence a package he mailed to his psychiatrist.

Pussy Riot! Russian punk band Pussy Riot is on trial for "hooliganism driven by religious hatred" for performing a "punk prayer" against the re-election of Vladimir Putin in Moscow's main cathedral. Needless to say, these ladies are awesome.

Sports for People Who Don't Watch Sports! There is some sort of Olympics going on! Here's a recap of what happened over the weekend. Also, watch out for Ye Shiwen.

Romney Pisses Off Palestinians: In a speech delivered in Israel this weekend, Romney angered Palestinians when he attributed the difference in the GDPs of Israel and Palestine to "culture" rather than, say, Israeli occupation (also, he got the GDP numbers totally wrong).

What's It Like to Man a Drone? Pretty boring, really, since killing people is now an office job.

Bill Clinton at the DNC: The DNC is going retro, with a keynote speech from ol' Bill.

Could Legalization End the Drug War? Facing violence and corruption driven by marijuana growers and traffickers, Uruguay is considering legalizing pot to try an decrease the power of drug lords.

70 Journalists. That's the number of journalists killed in Mexico since 2000—98 percent of the deaths go unsolved and now someone has lit a newspaper office on fire twice this month.

Sad Piano. Apparently no one wants a piano for their home anymore, because the lovely instruments are filling up dumps.

350 Million People Without Power: This is what a blackout looks like in India.

Maybe Too Soon: Maybe the guy behind this libertarian billboard should have waited a few months, at least.