How's about a little of this and a little of that—a roller derby smorgasbord, if you will? Friday you can watch the 2012 Rose City Rollers champs the Break Neck Betties give the gals from Seattle's banked track league a run for their money. It'll be like the days of yore when we convince those incline-skating chicks on the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds that the world is flat (flat track, that is).
Rose City Rollers' Break Neck Betties vs. Seattle's Tilted Thunder Rail Birds, Fri Aug 3, The Hangar at Oaks Park, 8 pm, $10-20, tix

Saturday poses the eternal question: Do boys really have cooties? Or... wait. Is it girls who have the cooties? Well, I guess we'll see whose cooties prevail when a gang of chicks from the women's league take on a pack of dudes from the Portland Men's Roller Derby. We haven't seen anything like this yet—at least not in person, there was a bout this spring that was live streamed, but a live audience wasn't allowed to attend. The boys took a thumping during that game, but they were battling the kick-ass all-star Wheels of Justice. This game oughtta be more evenly matched.
Girls vs. Boys, Sat Aug 4, The Hangar at Oaks Park, 8 pm, $14-20, tix