The lot at the gordian intersection of NE Cully/Prescott/60th now numbers five carts and casual eating establishments; all I remember from being there six weeks ago is the little taco truck with the fresh salsas and tiny tortillas.

Italian, Thai, Mexican, Arabic, and Burger carts have taken root.
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  • Italian, Thai, Mexican, Arabic, and Burger carts have taken root.

There is space for a few more, and some seem to be taking shape in situ this very week. Taqueria Uruapan is memorable for its good $1 tacos, spotless friendlihood (?), buche, and a distinctive assortment of pickled vegetables and fiery salsas. Bernunzio's is just getting off the ground, with hot or cold Italianate sandwiches and pizza, and madly developing his menu to catch up with the last months of summer. I didn't catch the names of the Thai and Arabic carts (kefte kebab and hummus-type offerings at the latter), but they were abuzz, and though closed that day, the Stop-n-Go burger seems to be something of a local cheap fix. No word yet on whether you can bring your fare across the street to SKYNN (formerly JD's Bar and Grill), but it's worth a try, if only just to see what a strip club on Cully looks like on the inside.

Signs advertise more available stalls, so cart owners looking for an entry into the market could do worse than this rapidly developing pod at a major intersection with a fair amount of private and nearby parking.