Support for Gay Marriage is Bezerkoids: The percentage of Democrats who support gay marriage has jumped 15 percent in in four years.

Olympics!! It is still going on. It will never end. Here are some highlights: Russia and the US face off in gymnastics, a Saudi athlete will compete in a headscarf, swimmer Ye Shiwen's dad criticizes the "arrogant west" and NBC is mad that you're tweeting about it.

Massive Blackout: Half of India's population has no electricity after a major power outage.

Fighting for Chinese Sex Workers: One activist in China tries to end discrimination against sex workers and people with AIDS in part by spending two days in a brothel.

Baby Steps: Maybe we should ban anonymous ammo sales online?

Wachowski Brothers Are Now Wachowski Brother and Sister: In an introduction for the new film Cloud Atlas, director Larry Wachowski makes her debut as Lana.

And Snoop Dogg is Now Snoop Lion?! The rapper has undergone a spiritual transformation that requires a hilarious new name.

Fabrications: The author of the book Imagine admits to making up quotes from Bob Dylan. This sort of thing is always sad and strange.

Them Billboards is Too Damn Fancy: The owner of a truck repair company in Troutdale is suing a hot springs resort for the use of "artistic, cursive writing" on a billboard on their property, saying the fancy sign offended customers' aesthetics.

Officers Can't Shoot at Moving Vehicles: The police are reviewing whether this weekend's officer-involved-shooting broke bureau policy on not shooting people in moving vehicles.

Sorry, Divers. You may be in the Olympics, but now the whole world is laughing at the hilarious faces you make mid-air.