They Live is a sloppy, pissy, thoroughly enjoyable middle-finger to the Republican power structure of the 1980s. It is the left wing getting stoned and jerking off onto its own stomach at 3am while watching something ugly on Showtime. It's also probably the last film John Carpenter made that was ever worth a shit. It features one of the best street fights ever filmed, between Keith David and Hillsboro's hero Rowdy Roddy Piper. It is coming to Blu-Ray. That's not all that notable, really. There are some who would argue the movie is only worth watching via an old, dubbed-off-cable VHS tape on a $5 Goodwill VCR if you want to wallow in its charming blend of sleaze and slickness.

What is notable is the cover to the Blu-Ray, featuring newly done poster art by The Dude Designs:



That's what art looks like, motherfuckers.

You might be thinking "I'd probably buy the disc just to get the cover," because that's what I'm thinking, and I lack the ability to understand anyone who doesn't have the correct opinions I have all the time. So if you're thinking what I'm thinking, click on over to ShoutFactory's website, pre-order the Blu-Ray, and if you're fast enough, you'll get a poster-sized version of that poster along with the movie itself on Blu-Ray, which also has a new interview with John Carpenter as a bonus feature, because why would you pass up the opportunity to watch a chainsmoking old burnout turn gray and shrug at you for 20 minutes?

They Live comes out November 16th, just in time for you to institute a new Thanksgiving tradition.