First, I would like to say that this video should immediately be remade with CG lions replacing all the dogs. Except when Snoop morphs into a dog he should first morph into a dog and then the dog morphs into a lion. Like that part with the witch or whatever in Willow, except he's turning into a dog and then a lion in order to attack the father of the girl who he just boned.

Second, as Sarah noted in Good Morning News, Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lion. "Its not that I want to become Snoop Dogg in a reggae track," Snoop said. "I want to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion.” Oh, right. Also, he does reggae now. As far as Snoop news goes, it's been a crazy morning. My Google alerts are all lighting up over here.

The rapper said that he’s “tired” of rap music and that he had seen the highest levels of achievement in the genre that make him famous.

“Rap is not a challenge to me. I had enough of that. It’s not appealing to me no more. I don’t have no challenges,” he insisted. “I’m ‘Uncle Snoop’ in rap. When you get to be an uncle, you need to find a new profession so you can start over and be fresh again. I want to be a kid again.”

Snoop said that his hiphop life has also made it difficult for him to offer live shows that weren’t inundated with profanity, sex and violence.

“I’ve always wanted to perform for kids, my grandmother and people around the world that love me, can’t accept the music that I make. This reggae music is the music of love, happiness, and struggle.” (Via.)

So R.I.P., Snoop Dogg, I guess, and godspeed, Snoop Lion. Snoop Lion's new reggae track "La La La" is certainly a reggae track, and I say that as probably the only member of the Mercury editorial staff who doesn't start foaming at the mouth when they hear the word "reggae." But we can speak of "La La La" later. Or not. The future is for Snoop Lion; today is for mourning the departure of Snoop Dogg, which I am now going to do with a bunch of videos. Join me, won't you?

I thought long and hard about including these next two, but they are, after all, a part of Snoop's history, and thus deserve to be here. Also, Katy Perry is pretty.

I believe that one day Snoop Dogg will return to us.