In the past, Pickathon's non-musical entertainments have been limited to witty emcees and impromptu hula hoop displays*. This year's schedule includes a foray into other realms of performing art, with a collaboration between festival musicians and solid local theater company Portland Playhouse.

The Pickathon production of Twelfth Night sees three musicians taking on the role of Feste, the play's fool—Laura Gibson on Friday, Bruce Molsky on Saturday, and Casey MacGill on Sunday.
The musicians will each provide their own interpretation of the songs of Feste—they won't, however, have any actual lines. The show's been trimmed to a breezy hour and fifteen minutes (yay), including 12 songs, and co-director Brian Weaver says the aim was to stage the play "more like a music show." "We cut the play, but have not adapted, added or changed anything," explains Weaver. "We cut text, but left all the music. All the plot lines, characters, and scenes remain (just shorter)."

The cast includes Darius Pierce, Sean McGrath, Val Landrum, and Chris Harder; there are three shows, 6:30-7:45 pm in the Worksop Barn, Friday through Sunday.

*adorable if you're a child; the worst thing ever if you're an adult.**

**this might be the year I yell at a hippie.