For the second year, Lindsey Reif of the Reif clothing line is gathering up some of Portland's finest for her answer to the Brooklyn Flea (in spirit, not in size or frequency). "After numerous attempts at selling her own line, Reif, at outdoor events such as First Thursday and Last Thursday, Flea founder Lindsey Reif saw a need for an outdoor sale that was aimed at the design community and a little higher price point than the typical craft fair environment," says press release. "The Mississippi Flea aims to bring together local designers of fashion and home goods, vintage sellers and artists whose crafts all fold together seamlessly, while at the same time allowing each one’s work to shine individually. Live DJ sets and a communal hang out space create an atmosphere where shoppers can mingle, socialize, and get acquainted with some of Portland’s most talented makers and doers." To name a few, participants include Lowell, Julia Barbee, Shwood, LunaSol, OverUnderRepeat, Backtalk, Clever Nettle, Worn Path, Jesseca Anne, Omikami, Amy Sacks Eyewear, Reif, Ay Marieke, and Poor Claudia, and like last year, Reif is blogging profiles of each, beginning with the scarves and wall hangings of OverUnderRepeat:

  • OverUnderRepeat

The Flea will go down at the garden lot at N Mississippi and N Shaver, next to the Fresh Pot and Worn Path, on August 26 from 11 am-5 pm.