Last week, the FBI raided three Portland homes and issued subpoenas to two Portlanders, commanding them to testify at a grand jury in Seattle about an "ongoing violent crime investigation" that likely stems from someone smashing a federal courthouse window on May Day.

The Portlander activists stated their plans to resist the grand jury process, which began yesterday in Seattle. So how did it go?

Well, the FBI is likely displeased. The Stranger's Brendan Kiley reports that only one person showed up to testify at the proceedings, Portlander Leah-Lynne Plante, and she told a crowd of gathered protesters that she would not be telling the grand jury anything other than her name:

Then she walked up the courthouse steps, past a line of police officers, hugged a few of her friends, and walked (slightly teary-eyed) into the courthouse.

The crowd stood around, waiting and talking. Some said she could be in and out in 20 minutes or that she might be bound for jail. Forty-five minutes later, she popped back out and the crowd began cheering. She said she went in, gave her name, said she wouldn't answer any other questions, and was told to come back on August 30. "Now," she said, "I just want to get the fuck out of here."