Try as I might, I don't always have the time to announce every single boutique sale on MOD. Yeah, yeah, it seems like I do, because I never shut up about it. But I don't. And when this one from IDOM dropped in my inbox, it didn't set off any alarm bells: "Dear friends, We are having a summer clearing out sale at our studio this Thursday..." Right? Everyone is having a summer sale. But in this case, by "clearing out" they meant "closing." And, as I discovered when I hit the 811 E Burnside building for First Friday, the little shop that not so long ago moved to the second story as a mostly appointment only affair (which was concerning to me at the time) from its much more prominent NW 23rd digs, is no more. Designer Modi Soondarotok, one of the most talented designers to have engaged in the Portland scene, has quietly gone back to her native Thailand. And I can't believe she snuck past me. Farewell, IDOM, and happiest of trails.