Attention men of the world! Do NOT attempt to be nice in any way to the person who wrote this I, Anonymous Blog submission!

To the older men who think I need help opening doors, lifting grocery bags, or getting on and off public transportation… Fuck you. I’m half your age, half your weight, and I assure you I can lift my bag quite adequately and most likely have better balance than you. Your sick sense of satisfaction that you are being ‘helpful’ or ‘chivalrous’ in translation is simply ‘I have a penis therefore I am more competent than you.’ Furthermore, I have a sneaking suspicion you actually just want to leer at my breasts and brush my arm.

HOW DARE YOU, YOU... MEN. We know what you "men" are really doing. And we're going to write all about it in the last bastion of true honesty in the world, the I, Anonymous Blog, which... HEY! It just leered at my breasts!