Good news, Allison!

Sony Pictures Animation has closed a deal to acquire rights to the classic 1980s sitcom ALF and will develop the property into a hybrid CG/live action feature.

Jordan Kerner, who produced SPA’s adaptation of 1980s Saturday morning cartoon staple The Smurfs and helped turn it into a hybrid blockbuster franchise, will produce the project with show creators Tom Patchett, a veteran of 1970s comedies, and puppeteer Paul Fusco. (Via.)

I was at prime ALF-watchin' age when it was on the air from 1986-1990—I had a pair of knockoff Chuck Taylors that had ALF's face in the little circle, plus a folder for my Trapper Keeper that had a picture ALF on the beach and the phrase "LIFE'S A BEACH PARTY," which I then interpreted as a statement about how ALF really liked beach parties and didn't let things get him down—and even I can't think that this idea is anything but 1,000 percent terrible. I do not want this. No one wants this. There is literally no one on the planet who wants this except the dude who invented ALF ("Around 1984-1985, Fusco created the ALF character using an alien looking puppet that was hanging around his house which he used to annoy his family and friends").

What I do want is a behind-the-scenes dramatization/TV movie about ALF, following the dude who played the dad and the dude who wrote for it, and maybe they could team up and solve mysteries? I suppose it would be okay if this film was narrated by ALF.