Rebels Lose Ground in Aleppo: Syrian government helicopter gunships are strafing the contested city as the rebels retreat.

Endless Sports! When is the Olympics over, again? Until then, yay! The US women's soccer team is playing in the finals, champion amputee Oscar Pistorius is racing again, and water polo gets suit-rippingly vicious.

Hell Yeah, Pussy Riot! The three ladies of Russia's feminist punk bank denounce censorship and repression on the last day of their trial for hooliganism. Meanwhile, the entirely reasonable anti-Pussy Riot protesters outside say the trial say, “We’re going to rip them up and burn them. Like in the Middle Ages.”

That's What I Call Swift Justice: The trial of a deposed Chinese political leader's wife for murder took only seven hours as a guilty verdict was very conveniently reached.

Nice Work, News Corp. The sketchy phone hacking scandal cost Rupert Murdoch's company $224 million and the company posts a major loss this quarter.

Only, Like, 35 Years Late: The US finally begins cleaning up Agent Orange in Vietnam. Good work, team.

Here Come the Young Republicans: Lots of young Republicans these days are actually rather liberal on social issues, but stick with the party.

Face-Eating Victim Speaks. The man whose face was ripped apart by another man under a Florida freeway two months ago speaks about the ordeal and it's absolutely horrific. It's actually really, really gross. Maybe you shouldn't read about it.

NYC Shuts Down Vibrator Cart: Mayor Bloomberg's office shuts down the Trojan carts handing out free vibrators in New York, citing them for "impeding pedestrian traffic."

Murder on SE Belmont: A shy woman who volunteers at a homeless shelter invited one of the residents into her SE Portland home, where police allege he killed her and then went on the run.

Sunset on Mars! The rover "feels comfortable" on Mars. Cute! It's settling in to watch the sunset.


UPDATE ALERT!! ScienceMaster Erik Henriksen says this photo is a fake. It's actually Mars and it's actually a sunset, but it was taken by a rover in 2005, not today. Thanks for ruining everything, Erik!