There's an incredibly cool comedy show that isn't heavily publicized but still packs the room. And for good reason. Comedy for Breakfast? has been running for a few months now, at the unlikely time of 1pm on a Saturday in an unlikely but absolutely perfect place.

Historically, most folks know Club 21, the old Russian-church-slash-medieval-castle-slash-punishment-shed on NE Glisan, as the place to go to drink when you only want to see people more depressed than you are. But one Saturday a month at 1pm, it turns into a goddamn chuckle hut, with a fantastic greasy breakfast, $10 bottomless mimosas, and sets from some of Portland's best comedians.

There are a lot of great comedy shows all over town, almost every day of the month. We've really got a wealth of talent here, and they're just getting better. So go check it out tomorrow, 1pm at Club 21. The show is free, the hangover food is surprisingly good and cheap, and if you work it right you can be drunk by 2pm. This month's lineup includes: Andie Maine, Scoot Herring, Nick Walker, Mandie Allietta, and Gabe Dinger, with Nic Goans hosting. And even though he's not performing this month, much credit must be given to the show's creator, Campy Draper.

If you go, you might want to show up a few minutes early to get a seat. Last month, the place was filled to standing room only.