• Pavlina Summers

The Helio Sequence's new album Negotiations is approaching fast—it comes out September 11 on Sub Pop, and a new track from the Portland-area band premiered online today. "House of Mirrors" is a moody, enormous track, building something huge out of a simple repeated guitar pattern and a melody that prefers to slowly ooze rather than bounce.


The Helio Sequence - "Hall of Mirrors"

The track's scope seems to extend far beyond the reach of two measly speakers, and fittingly, the Helio Sequence are releasing a limited edition bonus disc called Aces. This Zarieeka-esque disc is intended to be played simultaneously with Negotiations in a second stereo system, providing a quadrophonic experience for the record. It's available with pre-order and at certain stores; there's a little more info about it here, as well as another track from Negotiations for download, called "October."

The Helio Sequence plays the Crystal Ballroom on Friday, September 7 as part of MusicfestNW.