KPSU needs a Low Power FM license. You don't have one kicking around, do you? The college station has an opportunity to get an real FM signal that'll broadcast across the whole city (right now you can hear KPSU on Portland State University campus at 98.1, but not much of anywhere else in town, and online at Free-form college radio could actually be back on the FM dial! Naturally, KPSU is in full fundraising mode to make this FM license a reality.

Which brings us to the KPSU Kruise, scheduled for Sunday, August 26 on Portland's favorite party boat, the Portland Spirit. Sail the high seas—or, gently chug down the Willamette—with music from Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Radiation City. If you think those bands' music sounds good, and it does, wait until you hear it on a boat.

Tickets are $20, but remember it's a fundraiser, and the show is all ages. The Kruise boards at 10:30 pm and leaves shore at 11, with a 1 am return. It'll be a late Sunday night for a good cause. Tickets here. Leave your "I'm on a boat!" jokes at home, next to your "I'm Rick James, bitch!" impression.