Real tourists drink: Distillery Row released their 2012-2013 passport just last month. This is the second year of a great concept—for $20, you can tour five very local distilleries, a really good cidery, and a winemaker over the course of the year. The passport also contains discounts to dozens of local businesses in the surrounding area, making the sticker price worth it if just for deals like buy a slice get one free at Sizzle Pie or 15% off at Lounge Lizard (a really really cool vintage furnishings store on Hawthorne). Newly equipped with Layar technology (yeah, I had never heard of it either) you can even glean relevant information about featured spots by scanning a logo with your smart phone—making having a great time in SE Portland educational, alcoholic, and affordable. Buy two, lend one to a visiting friend or family member and you'll have your Portland touring duties cut out for you. These sold out last year, so get 'em while they're hot! Support local industry! Hooray!

Last Years Passport and Offerings
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