A lesson for the kids in last night's episode... Don't pick up tarantulas and MIND YOUR OWN GODDAMN BEESWAX. Wanna chitty-chat about last night's Breaking Bad? Join me in the Breaking Bad Chitty-Chat Club! After the jump!

Just two guys with a long firehose hangin around underneath a train track. Nothing to see here!
  • Courtesy AMC
  • Just two guys with a long firehose hangin' around underneath a train track. Nothing to see here!


So here's what I'm thinkin'...

1) I LOVE TRAIN ROBBERIES! And though it may be a creaky trope to some, I was pretty excited to see the BB gang attempting to pull one off in last night's episode, "Dead Freight." But first? To the cold open.

2) Kids do the darndest things... including rough housing around the desert on a motorbike and picking up stray tarantulas. (Was that a tarantula or a wolf spider? Whatever, it gave me the creepy crawly cringe butt!) Obviously the spider was a symbol for something... maybe foreshadowing his death? Or maybe just a kid being a dick to a spider, and getting his head blown off for being a goddamn little snoop? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

3) Skyler was 50 percent less crazy this week—but still bound and determined to keep her kids over at Hank's. Note to Walt Jr.: Nobody likes a complaining teen. Now if you don't want to receive a tarantula in a jar and bullet upside your skull courtesy of Tom, shut the eff up.

4) What did you make of that sneaky Walt move to bug Hank's office? Obviously a lot of things had to go right to make that far-fetched trick work... so don't try any shenanigans in MY office!

5) I still love crazy Lydia—and really loved that she was cleared of the crime to trick Mike with those GPS bugged barrels of meth juice. Mike kinda really HATES HER. Which probably means he actually LOOOOVES her. I hope those two crazy kids get together.

6) And hooray for Jesse, who comes up with the James-ian idea to rob the train. He's really pulling his weight this season, and I'm super happy that he's becoming the moral center of the show.

7) UMMMMM... who invited Tom Todd to the train heist? I realize you need a few people to pull this off—but unless he's one of Mike's guys... and I don't think he is... what was he doing there? When I saw him, I said to myself, "This is not going to end well." And it didn't! At least for tarantula dick kid—WHO DESERVED WHAT HE GOT.

8) Anyway, like Walt bugging Hank's office, this train job was super far-fetched and things went waaaaay "too right." However, it was still super fun to watch, and worked like an emotional charm on me.

9) Sooooo... WHAT'S NEXT? Now that they've got an Exxon Valdez supply of meth juice, that sets the stage for a lot more production, and undoubtedly more problems from competing dealers AND the DEA. Any predictions?

Welcome to Walts Lair... heh heh hehhh. HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!!!
  • Courtesy AMC
  • "Welcome to Walt's Lair... heh heh hehhh. HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!!!"