FIRST! I've always meant to make it out to Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TV Night, but thanks to Jeremy's infuriating, selfish insistence on having it on Tuesday night—the night the Mercury goes to press—I've never been able to. Which is too bad, since tonight is the final installment, at least for a while. Says Jeremy:

Kids, this is it. The pub is changing hands and so we're bringing this season (or series, if you will) of Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TV Night to a close.

But! We're going out with a bang: we're showing the entirety of "Horror of Fang Rock", the classic Doctor Who story from 1977, featuring Tom Baker & Louise Jameson. It's a period Gothic horror piece, there's a high body count, costumes, and appropriately ropey special effects.

That goes down at 6 pm tonight at the Alberta Street Pub (1036 NE Alberta) and it's free. Jeremy says that after tonight, the night "will take a break while we figure out what and where to do next."

SECOND! The BBC's official Doctor Who Twitter posted this today. Note that they still haven't bothered telling anyone when the new season will actually start—why would they do that? who could possibly want or use that information?—and instead are just having a delightful time taunting nerds.

That leads me to a question, though: If there was a free weekly viewing party in Portland for the new season of Doctor Who, at, say, a movie theater—not unlike what the Academy and Hollywood do for Breaking Bad, or the Hollywood does for The Walking Dead—would you attend? There might be some very preliminary thoughts about someone considering making that happen. But it'd be dependent on how many people would actually and reliably show up, week after week, to drink beer and whine about why don't you show David Tennant's episodes he's so much better than the encephalitic Doctor with the annoying married couple. By the way, anyone who would ever say something like that is 100 percent wrong and worthy of nothing but derision. BUT I DIGRESS. Let's do a poll! Polls are cool.