Jaws came out on Blu-ray yesterday (I'll have a review of the disc up later this week, but the short version is you should go buy it immediately), and it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which perhaps explains why my day has been particularly shark-centric. First AICN had this great behind-the-scenes photo from Jaws


—and then a friend sent me this compilation of "The Best Shark Attacks in Movies," which happens to feature a few attacks from local screenwriter H. Perry Horton's 2-Headed Shark Attack

—and THEN a publicist sent me an email that was titled "Celebrate Shark Week with BAIT 3D!!!" At first I was all, "Ugh, another email trying to drum up attention for a terrible movie that woudln't otherwise get released," but then I watched the attached YouTube, and I'll be damned if I'm not kind of impressed.

In conclusion, Marjorie is taking a few days off and she asked me to take care of the fish that lives in her office! She rescued him from some fashion event or something. Because he's pink and Marjorie is terrible, she named him "Baryshnikov," which I forced her to change to the slightly less humiliating "Barry." But then I found out about Livingston, Captain Jean-Luc Picard's Loyal Fish Sidekick, so I decided Barry should be renamed "Livingston Jr." So far, Livingston Jr. is doing great, because so far I have remembered to feed him! Here he is, Blogtown!


See you next Shark Wednesday!

P.S. There will never be another Shark Wednesday.