Ox—the Argentine-inspired, rave-reviewed, meat-centric Denton creation that has already made a name for itself from its epic grill—has somehow gotten even better. Their new backyard watering hole, dubbed Whey Bar (I'm still not exactly sure why) opened August 14, boasting the cocktail menu, limited wine by the glass, and bottled beer. A small selection of snacks grace the menu, making the Whey Bar a logical prelude to the coma-inducing dinners served next door.

And did I mention barrel-aged Fernet on tap? How this has taken so long to exist in a town where restaurants are in large part supported by people who work in restaurants, I have no idea—Fernet Branca being a common industry shot of choice, this is borderline genius and will probably make owners Greg and Gabby Denton into millionaires by the end of the summer. At $9/shot, it's by no means cheap, but you pretty much forget the value of those green bills in your wallet after a few of them... and this stuff is delicious. It's still Fernet Branca, of course, but with complex spicy notes, an incredibly refreshing digestif that's somehow smoother than the original. I'm a fan.

For any and all (what, four of you?) that don't appreciate this particular beverage, there's a challenging and balanced cocktail menu to keep you busy—try the Devil in a New Dress (tequila, red pepper, Combier Orange, lime and mezcal) or the too-delightful Let Them Eat Cake (gin, Aperol, Combier Pamplemousse, and bubbles). The new bar also looks great, has outdoor seating, and you can generally catch the incredibly sweet owners roaming through, greeting appreciative clientele— just in time for the last few weeks of warm summer nights, the Whey Bar (and their Fernet, of course) is a welcome addition to Ox's offerings.

Bar manager Jamal Hassan stretches for a barrel-aged shot
  • Clare Gordon
  • Bar manager Jamal Hassan stretches for a barrel-aged shot