Cars & Trains, the recording and performing alias of Portland's Tom Filepp, is releasing a new album in September, adding to an already teetering stack (Menomena, Helio Sequence, many others) of local releases due out next month. We Are All Fire, the third Cars & Trains album, comes out on September 18 on Fake Four, and it's a stirring, introspective record of delicate folk submerged under kaleidoscopic electronics. Future Historians, Alameda, the Ascetic Junkies, Astronautalis, Rickolus, and Ceschi Ramos all make guest appearances on the album; Cars & Trains is due to embark on a short tour in advance of the album's release. We'll let you know when a Portland show is announced. In the meantime, listen to a track below.


Cars & Trains - "Nations"