After an hour and a half sweating in the sun at Cathedral Park yesterday, the beginning of Trek in the Park's fourth episode coincided almost perfectly with the sun dipping behind the St. Johns Bridge, providing welcome shade for most of the crowd. For the second year in a row, Mayor Sam Adams was on hand with a mayoral decree, this time dubbing August 19 "Trek in the Park Day." (Does he just think it's funny to make these proclamations? I think he might.) And of course, our social media-happy mayor commemorated the occasion with a foursquare check-in and photo:

The show itself was fun, as always, and I think the move to a bigger venue (from Woodlawn Park) improved the experience for a lot of people. (Fair warning, though, if you opt for the shade at the way back of the bowl, you're not gonna be able to hear.) The show runs one more weekend at Cathedral Park: Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm. If you're thinking of going, read Bobby's Unofficial Tips 'n' Tricks Players Guide.