Good morning, Breaking Bad Chitty-Chatters, and... OH NO! It's Ricky Hitler (AKA Todd, AKA that guy from Friday Night Lights)! WHO INVITED HIM?? (Psst! Regular Chitty-Chat Club members! Let's meet after the jump to discuss last night's episode of Breaking Bad, okay? And don't invite... you know who. SPOILERS AHEAD!)

MAN! This is gonna be like the best Halloween carnival, like, EVER!
  • Courtesy AMC
  • "MAN! This is gonna be like the best Halloween carnival, like, EVER!"

Okay, so here's what I'm thinking...

1) Cold open! A silent recounting of what happens when dickhead Friday Night Lights Ricky Hitler guns down a potential kid witness. You strip the bike, dump the body in a plastic container, and acid everything down. Am I forgetting anything? OH! You punch stupid dickhead Friday Night Lights Ricky Hitler in the chops! (Yay, Jessie!)

2) I love the name "Ricky Hitler," if you haven't guessed by now.

3) The guys unwisely decide to keep Ricky Hitler around instead of just killing him—doesn't that go against Mike's credo of leaving witnesses?—a decision that all will live to regret, I bet. And what's this about keeping the kid's tarantula? Is Ricky Hitler collecting the kid's fingerprints for leverage later? Gonna use it to bite Walt in the ass? Or maybe Ricky Hitler is just a weirdo psychologically damaged creep? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

4) Hank and the DEA are trailing Mike which inspires him to get out of the meth biz and bring Jessie along for the ride. (Note to Walt: Next time you bemoan the death of a kid, don't be caught whistling a jaunty tune less than 10 seconds later. SHEESH, YOU PEOPLE.)

5) Mike and Jessie try to sell their cut of the meth juice to a mid-level drug kingpin who says "no dice"—unless Walt stops making his "blue." However, Walt says "fat chance" to that idea because... CUE SECRET ORIGIN STORY!

6) Walt tells Jessie that he stupidly let himself be bought out of a company now worth "billions." So he's no longer in the money or meth business... he's in the EMPIRE business! ("That's 588-2300... EMMMM-PIIIIIIRE!" People from Chicago will get that joke.)

7) Skyler? You are a terrible dinner host. (And she's this close to spilling the beans, I'm tellin' ya!)

8) Mike? Don't sit up all night with Walt to stop him from stealing the meth juice and suddenly remember you need to duck out for a meeting. And zip-tying him to a radiator? I could've gotten out of that trap, and I'm an IDIOT. Junior varsity, Mike! JUNIOR VARSITY.

9) So naturally Mike returns to find his precious meth juice (and Walt) gone—but don't blow his head off just yet! Because Walt... has a PLAN. (Perhaps going into the carpet business? "That's 588-2300... EMMMM-PIIIIIIRE!")

10) This was kind of a jumpy-aroundy episode for me, and I'd prefer it if everyone involved made smarter choices... but I hung on every word, as if they were dripping from the sweet red lips of Kate Upton. Only two episodes left in part one of the two-part final season! What are your thoughts? Especially about Walt's eventual downfall and that dickhead Ricky Hitler's role in it all! SPEAK.

Thats 588-2300... EMMMM-PIIIIIIRE!