Close Call: An Afghan militant's rocket hits the plane of a high-up American general, but no one is hurt.

Why Spy? The NYPD's extensive, secret surveillance of Muslims led to exactly zero leads in terrorism cases.

In the Money! No surprise, Romney has a huge cash advantage over Obama.

What's Going on Today in Legitimate Rape News? Conservatives pressure Todd Akin to step out of the race while he apologizes for his absurd comment. But he's definitely not the first right-winger to say pregnancy can't result from rape.

Pussy Riot in Prison: The Russian artists' lawyer says the ladies are facing threats of violence from prison guards.

The XXX-Files: The FBI says it wasn't investigating Congressional skinny-dipping in Israel when it turned up a mini-scandal there.

ICE, ICE, Baby: A male employee of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the agency is hostile to men.

Homework and Birth Certificate, Please. A court rules that public schools in Alabama can't check immigration status of their young students.

66 Percent of New Yorkers Agree that bike lanes are a good idea, despite major controversy over bike facilities in the city these past couple years.

Tony Scott Didn't Have Brain Cancer: The Top Gun director who committed suicide this week was rumored to have terminal brain cancer. Nope, says his family.

So Long, Phyllis: The sassy 95-year-old comedian died yesterday, here's a nice obituary.