Here is the marvelous new Ozarks video, for the oddly affecting "As I Lay Sleeping," a gauzy, honey-dipped ballad that's pure AM sunshine (the radio broadcast, not the time of day, although I guess that works too). There's something sinister in this gothic video, though—black gloves, extinguished candles, late night drives. Frontman Robbie Augspurger, who co-directed the video with Ozarks cohort Eric Lee, tells us, "It's a vignette of a stately young man once bitten... twice dead. Pretty sure that tagline's been used, but as they say, 'we do what we want.'"

I could watch this all day if I didn't have work to do, so let me just say: curse you, Ozarks, and your weirdly entrancing video. You have infatuated me.

Ozarks perform this Thursday, August 23 at the Piano Fort in Sellwood—one of Portland's most unique, and charming, venues. Portland band Particulars open and Seattle band Heatwarmer headline. 1715 SE Spokane, 8 pm, $5, all ages.