Here's a relaxing, pastoral video that Tu Fawning shot in front of a pond in a Berlin park for Zeit's Rekorder series (check out another video here). But Tu Fawning's Joe Haege just posted a lengthy account of what happened just before the video was shot. It sounds terrifying, to say the least—involving a raving, foul-mouthed (and bilingual!) German, brandishing knives in each hand. We're grateful the band, and the unflappable videographer, made it through unscathed.

Tu Fawning, meanwhile, play next Tuesday at the Crystal Ballroom, opening for some band called Atlas Genius, but who cares about them because Tu Fawning. Knife-wielding madmen will not be permitted at the show. Read on for Haege's full account of the incident, lazily copied and pasted below!

So there [we] are on a nice grey spring day in Berlin's famed Treptower Park. It is really beautiful and pleasant in there. A nice fellow named Adrian had already been there setting up several cameras and microphones all by himself so we could play a few songs on a little dock overlooking the water. As soon as we pull out our instruments and start warming up we begin to hear yelling from down the trail a bit. It persists. It begins to sound more uneasy. It begins to sound more directed toward us. Then we see the gentleman committing said yells standing and ranting. Not stable. Adrian then translates what the gentlemen has just said, which was along the lines of "you asshole cock-suckers. I came to the park to get away from the noise of the city and now you're bringing it here!! Cock-suckers!" He went on.

This seems like a good point to mention that we are no more than a two minute walk from a street with steady traffic, a gas station and myriad of other "city sounds." This guy wasn't trying too hard to get away from the city, but we obviously were his problem for the moment.

We all attempt to ignore him and assume that with one pass of our very non-offensive, nor loud, song he could be lulled into complacency. Such was not the case. For some reason he finally makes his way over yelling, now in English as well as German, that we are assholes and cock-suckers. When he finally reaches Adrian, practically foaming at the mouth, I see that, in EACH hand, is a knife. That's double stabbing action. He is standing less than a foot away from this nice gentlemen that invited us to film in the pretty park for Zeit Online. Now I was going to watch him get stabbed. Beyond being frozen out of fear, I felt frozen out of cautiousness to not make any sudden movement. It also didn't help that I was standing a good distance away and was wearing a giant drum around my torso.

Adrian calmly said to the man that we were just filming some music in the park and meant no offense by it. Mr. Knives begins spitting at Adrian's feet and telling him to go to hell. Now to fully appreciate this situation, I want to impress upon you again the fact that this guy is less than a foot from Adrian's face wielding a knife in each fucking hand! It was truly a moment where I found myself thinking, "ok, he'll go to stab him and then hopefully run off and we can call an ambulance right away." Or "lunatic will go to stab him and I just charge him with the big drum knocking him over."

However, then he quickly makes a new plan to leave us be and go find his own new spot. Just like that. On a dime. Of course, in his grand exit he remains spitting on the ground in disgust, though now at all of us and not just Adrian. I believe a few "fuck you, cock-suckers" or some such utterance came out. Alas, he retreated. We all breathed a sigh of relief, except for Liza who had her back turned the entire time and was tuning her violin.

So, with the most obvious obstacle to us getting a song in the can, we went for it, and it turned out great. The most amazing moment for me? When in the middle of the second chorus our lunatic rode by on his bike and gave us all the middle finger.

Ahh, what a day in the park.