Menomena's first album as a duo, Moms, comes out on Barsuk on September 18, and you know all about the very awesome Laser Menomena show happening this Friday at OMSI's Planetarium, during which you can get your first listen to all of Moms. But a new tracked popped up today for your previewin' and ear-listenin' pleasure. Here's Danny Seim's "Capsule," a dense and alternately delicate and thumping track that bears all the happy hallmarks of Menomena's dichomatic lumbering grace*.

*I promise to never use this phrase again.

Starting with maxed-out guitar and almost-as-maxed-out drums, "Capsule" walks a slow and deliberate rhythmic line, but finds room for an almost dizzy, daffy assortment of sound. It's a track that doesn't keep still for an instant, sounds whooshing in and out, getting sucked from the mix and deposited elsewhere, thunderous crashes alongside tatted, lacy piano frills.

Laser Menomena goes down Friday night at 11. Menomena plays MusicfestNW on Friday, September 7 at Pioneer Courthouse Square, opening for Beirut. Menomena is also playing September 1 as part of the Wild Goose Festival—it's down in Corvallis, so it's a little out of the Mercury's purview, but its promised bill of "Justice. Spirituality. Music. Art" sounds intriguing... at least, the music part does.