I'm not going to pretend to know even half of whatever the fuck Hollywood Subliminals is all about, other than: Hey! It's the internet! Crazy people have computers too!

As far as I can tell, somebody went a little bit crazy with PhotoShop and started drawing giant letter "A"s all over everything that Hollywood has ever created. Okay, fine—drawing giant versions of The Eye of Horus all over everything that Hollywood has ever created. Why is this relevant, you ask? Oh, just because the Mercury and the Hollywood Theatre's eagerly awaited Hecklevision: Batman & Robin is this Friday, and OH GOD NO. WHAT CAN THIS MEAN?!?!*

I urge you to check out the rest of the Batman & Robin-related Eyes of Horus(es). I'm sure it all means... something.** Probably something about how graphic designers tend to center things? I don't know. THE EYE OF HORUS!

Also, if you've managed to slog through this post and make it this far, congrats—because now you've been indoctrinated into the small, secretive, Illuminati-like group that holds the rare knowledge that I'm giving away another pair of tickets for Hecklevision: Batman & Robin! To enter to win 'em, email me no later than 3 pm today, and make sure your subject line is "OH GOD NO IT'S THE EYE OF HORUS." I'll pick a winner at random and email 'em back by the end of the day to let them know they're on the list. Have at, you conspiracy theorists you.

*It means absolutely nothing.
**No. It does not.