Yesterday, someone yelled across the office, "Chloe Sevigny has been spotted over at the Moon and Sixpence!" And I was like, "Okay!" Because maybe it's true, maybe it's not, and while I think Chloe Sevigny is alright, I'm still kind of like "eh." BUT! Now I'm thinking it was true because of this little industry tip from EW:

Academy Award nominee Chloe Sevigny is joining the cast of Portlandia for the hipster comedy’s third season. The Big Love alum will play Alexandra, a Portlandite who moves in with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s characters (who, naturally, are named Fred and Carrie).

So everybody be on the lookout for Chloe Sevigny, because while I wasn't as interested before, I'm slightly more interested now! NOTE: THE FOLLOWING PERSON IS NOT CHLOE SEVIGNY. (Though I wish she was.)