GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Make it like it was before, even if it takes a life time, takes a life time. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Republican Rep. Todd Akin (he of the infamous "legitimate rape" quote) has refused to remove himself from the race, and now seems to fancy himself as a GOP maverick taking on the party bosses. YESSSS! YESSSS! DESTROY YOURSELVES FROM WITHIN!!

As the Republican National Convention nears in Florida, guess what else is on its way? Tropical Storm Isaac. YESSSS! YESSSS! DESTROY YOURSELVES FROM WITHOUT!!

TMZ has published nude pics of Prince Harry, during a Las Vegas "strip billiards" game, and... hmmmm... not bad, Prince Harry. Not bad at all.

You know what? You've got just too much leg room in that airplane coach seat. Let's see what these airlines can do about that.

A (dumb, and most probably crazy) Seattle suburbanite has been arrested by the feds for sending threatening emails to President Obama.

Arizona's racist governor strikes back at the federal government's new program to help the children of illegal immigrants by making sure the parents of these immigrants are fucked over in every way possible.

In other drooling hayseed hillbilly news: A federal appeals court in Texas rules that the state can cut off funds to Planned Parenthood—even before the women's health advocates can battle it in court.

Three daycare workers are accused of encouraging a "toddler fight club." It's funny, but you know, it's not funny.

Singer Avril Lavigne is engaged to some guy in Nickelback. That's just too perfect.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: A melange of clouds and sunshine with highs in the mid-70s through the end of the work week.

And finally, check out this Japanese car ad that is HOT... and has a little surprise for you at the end.