Charge up your phones and start finger flexin' for textin', Portland... because tomorrow night, Batman & Robin will make a long, long delayed return to the big screen! Hecklevision: Batman & Robin will enable you—yes, you—to text your smartass commentary throughout the film, then have your texts instantly pop up onscreen! There has never been a night like this before, nor will there ever be one like it again. It will be glorious.

It will also probably be crowded as hell—the last three Hecklevisions we've done have been insanely popular. So you should probably get your tickets now. But if you, like Aerosmith, like living on the edge, then have I got a deal for you:

Email me no later than 4:30 pm today, and make sure the subject line of your email is "CHRIS O'DONNELL'S CODPIECE." I'll pick a winner at random and email 'em back sometime before 5 to let them know they're on the list with a plus one.

• flattery
• presenting a convincing argument why you deserve to go for free instead of anyone else
• a heartwarming and/or horrifying Batman & Robin memory
• your favorite pun said by Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin
• your favorite pun that wasn't said but should have been said by Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin
• bribery
• being Joel Schumacher
• sexy pics

Have at! Also, apologies for writing "finger flexin' for textin'" up there. Gross.