Zero Percent of Black People Support Mitt Romney: Says a hilarious new poll.

Cheers for 23 Feet! The Mars rover is trudging along.

Statistically Determined Glass Ceiling: Seeing a falling number of women in its higher-up positions, Google has created an algorithm to see where inequity starts.

US VS. Assange: Will the US try to legally go after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange? Sounds like we don't have a case.

How Do You Buy an Entire Hawaiian Island? I guess you first become an absurdly wealthy software industry executive, then you find an island with an identity crisis.

Republicans: "We're not just anti-women!" Their platform is also harshly anti-immigrant.

"Streetwise" Monkey on the Loose in Tampa: A macaque has been living free in Tampa for three years, evading capture and winning hearts.

Twisted Sister Takes on Romney: The hair metal band complains about Mitt's use of "We're Not Gonna Take It" at rallies.

Have You Seen the Prince Naked Yet? A random girl in Las Vegas leaks naked photos of Prince Harry playing pool, Prince Charles is gonna be angry.

What's Next for Vaseline Alley? The former Red Cap Garage and Aura club are going to be merged into one retail space.

Star Wars Now! Thank God the future has finally caught up to us and someone built a hover bike: